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Making it easier for developers to publish, operate and manage their games globally with our TDS SDK
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Comprehensive Publishing Support for Developers
No Profit Sharing | TapTap takes no share of the profits. 100% of them belong to the developer.
Comprehensive Publishing Services | User systems, payments, anti-addiction, statistics... TDS can help developers save the cost of developing a whole platform, allowing them to focus on the core of game - the fun.
Modularized Services for Every Developer
Free & Open Game Services | Free and open. Full set of support for every step of making & releasing games for all platforms on mobile, while integrated with TapTap's Moments, Friends, Achievements, cloud storage and more.
Combine like Building Blocks | Developers can assemble TDS services inside their games just like building blocks. While reducing the complexity of R&D, it improves players experience and helps each game thrives.
We Are All Developers
Sharing Experience | TapTap itself is also a group of developers who are crazy about games. TDS has built its own infrastructure for mobile game distribution and applied it to several successful titles. We are sharing our polished work with all developers without reservation.
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We support games developed with Unreal and Unity, as well as releases on iOS and Android.
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