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TapTap Payments is a payment service tailored for game developers, aiming to provide the best solutions for developers to sell games on TapTap as well as digital items and content inside the game. The service integrates multiple payment channels to provide a convenient payment experience for users around the world.

Convenience for developers

TapTap Payments provides a simple and fast integration process, allowing developers to focus on the game itself without spending too much effort on the payment system. Both independent developers and large game studios can easily access TapTap Payments and efficiently manage game revenue and transactions using the comprehensive features and tools available in the TapTap Developer Center.

Convenience for users

For users, TapTap Payments provides global payment services so that they can easily purchase games as well as digital items and content inside the game. No longer limited by geographic location or payment methods, users can choose their preferred payment method for transactions.

In addition, TapTap Payments provides a highly secure and reliable payment environment to ensure the security of users' personal information and transaction data. Users can make purchases on TapTap and within the game without worrying about security issues.

You can check out the integration guide to learn how to integrate TapTap Payments into your game. Before using TapTap Payments, please confirm that you have completed the following:

  • Register as a TapTap developer

  • Become a TapTap vendor and sign the service agreement

  • Set up payment information on TapTap to settle payments for your income

Payment Services

In-app purchases

You can sell various digital items and content (In-App Purchases, hereinafter referred to as IAP) inside the game to provide players with a richer gaming experience. Whether it is game props, virtual currency or unlocked special features, you can easily set prices and product information in the TapTap Developer Center.

By integrating the TapTap Payments service and utilizing the SDK interface to launch the payment gateway, your game is able to enable in-game purchases for players. Users can make fast payments in the game using multiple currencies and payment methods to ensure secure and efficient transactions.

TapTap Store purchases

The TapTap Store is a standalone shop page for TapTap games, providing players with a convenient way to purchase in-game merchandise outside of the game.

In addition to providing players with a purchase portal on the details page, you can also consider placing a link to the TapTap Store on Facebook, Twitter, the game's official website and other platforms to encourage users to purchase, and the TapTap Store offers much lower payment rates than traditional app stores, generating more revenue for you:

  • Offer much lower payment rates than traditional app stores, generating more revenue for you.
  • Reduce the costs associated with building and maintaining your own payment page.


Product type

You can use TapTap Payments to sell non-subscription items that require one-time purchases inside the game, including:

  • Consumable items: refer to items consumed by users to obtain game content, usually to help players progress through the game faster. Items need to be purchased again after being consumed. For example, game currency, game props, etc. When the user consumes goods, you need to allocate associated benefits or effects.
  • Non-consumable items: refer to one-time purchases that will never expire. Users can permanently own the goods after purchase. For example, additional game levels in the game, unlimited premium members, game skins or equipment, etc.

Learn more about how to create and publish in-app purchases

Supported user payment methods

Credit cards and various local mainstream wallets are supported in countries and regions around the world, including Stripe, PayPal, and Alipay.

User checkout interface

When a user selects an in-app item, the TapTap Payments checkout interface can be triggered, and players can choose the payment methods available to make a purchase.


Supported countries/regions

The TapTap Payments service provides payment services for developers in 200 countries/regions around the world.