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DLC Introduction

Many games offer downloadable content (DLC) that players can purchase to unlock. With TapTap Developer Services, you can easily implement the same feature in your game. The players can browse and purchase the products you set up in your game without leaving the game. You can even set up bundles that contain a collection of products. Once a player triggers the purchase operation in your game, the DLC SDK will handle the rest of the work to guide the player to make the purchase.

Usually, a player will immediately receive the product once they make a purchase. If the player fails to make a purchase or chooses to cancel the purchase, your game will be notified by the SDK. Please follow the development guide to integrate the SDK into your game.

Enabling the Feature

Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to enable DLC in the game.

Updating DLC

To add more products available as DLC in your game, please add them to your game’s bundle and upload an updated version of the APK to TapTap. Once the player updates the game, they will see the added products in the game.

Selling and Refunding

Your DLC will be available for players to purchase once you release your game. To provide the best experience to the players, TapTap allows players to request refunds on what they have purchased. You can view detailed sales data on TapTap Developer Center.