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Instant Messaging Introduction

With Instant Messaging, you can easily implement the commonly-used messaging features for socializing, live streaming, customer support, and online games.


Below are the main features provided by the Instant Messaging service:

Basic Features

Add one-on-one chats, group chats, chat rooms, and system conversations into your app and allow users to send text messages, voice messages, videos, and locations. You can even create your own message types.

Conversation Management

The owner of a conversation can assign manager roles to other members to help them moderate the conversation. With the feature of blacklisting, muting, and text moderation, both you and conversation managers can manage conversations more easily.

Authorization and Signing

You can enable the third-party signing mechanism to verify the requests from the clients and ensure the data in your app is always secure.

Single-Device Sign-on and Push Notifications

Decide whether a user can log in on multiple devices or just a single device at a time. Set up push notifications to get offline users notified of new messages.

Message Hooks

Set up hooks on different stages of a message or conversation to extend our features.

Mentioning People, Recalling Messages, and Editing Messages

Users can mention other people in a message. They can also recall or edit the messages they sent out. Messages can be cached on the local device for faster retrieval.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide comprehensive and flexible interfaces for you to quickly implement a fully-functional instant messaging function in your app. We offer common features like blacklisting and text moderation, as well as system conversations and hooks, which help you easily meet all types of messaging-related requirements.

  • We have served tens of thousands of products with some of them bearing tens of millions of DAU. We promise a 99.9% availability for our service.

  • Our service can handle more than 120 million messages per minute. If you ever plan to hold events that demand high concurrency, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our SDKs and demos are all open-source. If you ever get any questions, you can directly contact our engineers by submitting a ticket or asking on our forum. We also provide 24/7 phone support for emergencies.