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Push Notification Introduction

The Push Notification service allows you to send push notifications to your app’s users, whether they use iOS or Android.

You can send push notifications using the iOS or Android SDK, or via our REST API.


You can easily integrate the Push Notification service into your app and start sending push notifications to both iOS and Android users.

A Variety of Message Types

You can send push notifications that include text messages, rich media messages, and custom messages. You can also send pass-through messages.


You can view statistics such as arrival rates and open rates on the dashboard.

Schedule Messages and Push by Criteria

We provide an easy-to-use dashboard that allows non-technical users to easily schedule push notifications or send push notifications to users based on specific criteria.

Our Benefits

  • Our service is based on WebSocket TLS, ensuring high delivery rates without compromising security.

  • We have implemented our own binary protocol together with minimalist commands that minimize power and data consumption on the clients.

  • Our service encapsulates the push notification services provided by FCM, providing you with reliable and unified Android push notification solutions.