Multiple Leaderboards
Provide players with multiple types of rankings to increase fun and engagement with friends. These can be leaderboards for the entire server, specific events, friends, and so on.
Automated Player Statistics
Rankings are automatically computed with players' statistics. Different calculation methods support ranking for the current player, top players, and players nearby.
Reset & Update
Various data update strategies to rank the highest, lowest, latest, total, etc. You can also update and reset data automatically at fixed intervals while keeping up to 60 previous versions.
Higher entertainment value
Improve retention rate, in-game activity, and playability of your game with leaderboards that encourage players to participate and compete.
Keep your players updated
Select a specific scenario to update the leaderboard so that your players know where they are, e.g. when they finish a battle, level up, complete a challenge or receive certain equipment.
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For overage, 2.5 CNY/ 10,000 times per day
Entries:10,000 Free
For overage, 0.05 CNY for every 10,000 entries per day
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