Real-Time Communication (RTC)
Support real-time voice chat of two or more participants with low latency, high sound quality, and outstanding performance even under a poor network connection.
Voice Message Filter (VMF)
Detect all types of inappropriate content such as sexual, violent, abusive, advertising, and other sensitive information in real-time voice and audio files.
3D Audio
Process normal sound effects to provide players with such an immersive experience that they could perceive sound from any direction. Perfect for games such as Battle Royale and FPS.
For All Games
Support various games from MOBA that requires low latency to MMO that handles a massive number of users at the same time.
Ultimate Listening Experience
Optimize the real-time audio using echo and ambient sound cancellation, noise and whistle suppression, as well as other algorithms to achieve an end-to-end call latency less than 400ms, 70% anti-packet loss, and 1500ms network jitter.
Global Service
Provide low-latency and non-lagging real-time voice services by deploying multiple acceleration nodes, covering major markets in different countries and regions around the world so that players can have the nearest access.
Total Time: 700 minutes per day Free
For overage, 0.0059 CNY/minute
Voice Message Filter (VMF) Free
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