Personalized Recommendation
Recommendation of both UGC and games. Home page streams feature games based on players' interests, while banners can help developers increase more traffic to their content.
Boosting Engagements
Players can follow each other to see their newly published content, calling them to come back and interact more.
Scenario-based Portal
The landing page can be configured to help players better consume the game and community content.
A red dot will appear to notify the player when their following user publishes new content.
One-click Publish
Available in all in-game scenarios. Content can be published directly to the TapTap community.
Custom Theme
The theme of Embedded Moments can be configured to fit in the graphic of games to avoid disturbing user experience.
TapTap Community
Events and other operations in the TapTap community can help increase player's time spending in the game. The content will be displayed on TapTap and may convert community members to players of the game.
Scenario-based Portal
The portal and the landing page can be customized to draw players to browse and click on the community content.
Boosting Engagements
Players can directly follow other users, or like, comment, and repost Moments. Interactions between players trigger notifications to help them stay updated.
Sausage Man Sausage Man
Flash Party Flash Party
T3 T3
Human: Fall Flat Human: Fall Flat
Culinary Jianghu Culinary Jianghu
Ohana Island Ohana Island