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Embedded Moments Features


By adding Embedded Moments to your game, you can have players access TapTap’s forum without leaving the game so they can easily browse walkthroughs, share their game highlights, and interact with other players and officials.

Core Advantages

For game developers:

  • Allow players to share their gameplay with just a single click.
  • Display officially published content on players’ feeds.
  • View what players have posted and provide timely feedback to them.

For game players:

  • Communicate and interact with other players on a delayed basis while gaming.
  • Look up walkthroughs and top players’ solutions when stuck on certain scenes in the game.

Account System

For a player to make a post or interact with other posts using Embedded Moments, they have to log in to a TapTap account. Therefore, you need to enable TapTap Login for your game before you can use Embedded Moments.



A player can access the TapTap forum directly from the “Games” module:

  • Banners: Banners can help you convey important notifications and events to players. This is a module exclusive to Embedded Moments. You can edit banners in “Gaming Ecosystem > Embedded Moments > Banner Configuration” and the edits will be displayed to the players once they are approved.
  • Feeds: By default, a player will see the recommended posts when they open Embedded Moments.

Posting moments: Players can post moments containing pictures and videos to the forum.

  • Interactions: Players can like, comment, and repost other players’ moments.


Players who logged in to TapTap can view the moments posted by their friends and the official accounts. When there are new moments available, there will be a badge on the “Follow” section on the navigation bar. This ensures that players will never miss out on important updates.


Here players can view their messages triggered by events like interactions between players.

Profile Page

Players can find their past moments on the “Me” page. Here players can share their moments on other apps or delete their moments.

Players can search within Embedded Moments. Their search histories will be preserved so the system can give recommendations to the players.

SDK Features

Scenario-Based Portals

You can make any of the objects in your game as a portal that opens up Embedded Moments. You can even specify landing pages for certain scenes in the Developer Center. This could be helpful if you want to allow players to quickly get help from the community when they’re stuck on certain scenes in the game.

  1. TDS doesn’t provide any guidelines for the design of portals. We encourage you to design your portals so they look harmonious with the scenes they’re placed at.
  2. The landing page of a portal can be set up to be an article or a specific module according to your own needs.


You can place buttons that can display badges in your game so that the players can be attracted to open the Embedded Moments when they see the badges.

  1. Using badges can help you increase the chance for players to open the Embedded Moments. We encourage you to place buttons with badges on prominent places in your game.
  2. The badges here share the same logic as the badges for the “Follow” module within the Embedded Moments. The new content posted by the users followed by the players will trigger a notification, and the interval of retrieving new notifications is once per minute (here 1 minute is the minimum interval; you can change it to 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.).
  3. Once the player opens the Embedded Moments, the game needs to clear the badge and continue inquiring for the next display of the badge.

Quick Sharing

Players can take screenshots within the game and quickly share them on Embedded Moments. Only text and images can be shared through this method.

Pop-up for Dynamically Closing Embedded Moments

While the player is browsing Embedded Moments, if there are events that demand the player to immediately return to the game, a pop-up can be displayed to serve as a reminder and offer a shortcut for the player to close the Embedded Moments.


Theme Configuration

To have Embedded Moments fit better with the game scenes and not make players feel cut off, TDS allows you to customize the theme of the Embedded Moments. You can upload a background image and specify the colors of texts in “Game Services” > “Embedded Moments” > “Theme”.

If the game only supports landscape or portrait mode, you only need to provide one background image. Otherwise, you need to provide background images for both. Images are subject to review, which usually takes 2 business days.

You can set up banners in Embedded Moments to help you broadcast your events to the players. To set up banners, go to “Game Services” > “Embedded Moments” > “Banner Configuration”. A title, background image, and link are required for each banner.

You can add up to 5 banners that link to any website. Banners are subject to review, which usually takes less than one day.

Scenario-Based Portal Configuration

You can set up scenario-based portals in “Game Services” > “Embedded Moments” > “Scenario-based Portal”. Once you submit a portal name, landing page type, and landing page, you can use the generated portal ID in your game. This module doesn’t require any reviews, and you are free to change the landing page of each portal.