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Data Storage Overview

With TDS’s Data Storage service, your game gains the ability to store JSON objects, binary files, and geolocations on the cloud and retrieve them at any time. The security of the data is guaranteed by the row-level permission control with ACL as well as the user- and role-based permission management system.

The Problem We’re Solving

Most online applications are data-driven and share a very similar architecture:

  • The frontend presents the UI with data and handles interactions with the user while exchanging data with the app server on the backend.

  • The app server handles the main logic of the application by either generating data and storing it on the data server or gathering data from the data server and sending it to the frontend.

  • The data server stores the data and makes backups of it.

The model mentioned above works for most of the applications we see today. Although these applications share a variety of data structures and logic, they all have data flowing behind the scenes, which drives their functions. They also share a very similar backend framework (like LAMP). However, developers have been building the same system again and again, which tremendously increased the time and cost needed before they could launch their applications.


You can see TDS’s Data Storage service as an object-oriented database without worrying about the size of the data you’re going to store or the number of requests users will make through your game.

Structured Data Storage

You can store any kind of JSON object on the cloud and set up associations among objects. Objects can be created, read, updated, and deleted through the APIs we offer.

File Storage

You can store binary files like images, documents, audios, and videos on the cloud without allocating disk spaces for them in advance. Replicas are automatically created for your files so you don’t have to worry about the security of the files. Plus, your files are served through our CDN network by default so that your users won’t have to experience a delay when accessing them.

Permission Control With ACL

You can set permissions for classes, rows, and columns to maximize the security of your data.

Syncing Data Among Devices

Data can be synced among multiple devices, enabling real-time collaborations for your users.

Data Analytics

With the SQL interface we provide, you can easily process and analyze your data in a parallel manner. This is best for conducting data mining, OLAP, and business intelligence.

Our Benefits

  • The multi-region data replication strategy ensures a 99.999% reliability and enables extremely high concurrent queries for your data.

  • With a whole ecosystem of services, you can easily add community features like feeds to your game.

  • Our service has been proven to be able to handle over a billion requests every single day. You can be confident that your game will run stably with our service.