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Paid Games & Copyright Verification


TapTap offers copyright verification services for pay-to-download games. When a player launches a paid game, the service can verify if the player has purchased the game.

How to Enable

You will need to submit an application to enable this service. Please follow the instructions on the following screenshot.

Price Settings

TapTap’s copyright verification service must be configured together with the paid game’s price settings. TapTap helps you manage your paid games and offers multiple payment methods for the players. You can make your game a paid game in the Price Settings at TapTap Developer Center and set up the price. If you want to start a promotion for your game, you can turn on the promotion feature and specify the promotion period and discounted price for your game.

Integrating SDK

After you integrate the copyright verification SDK into your game, the SDK will make a verification query on purchase results when a user launches the game. The user will be able to access the game if it has been purchased normally. Otherwise, a message will remind the player to purchase the game first. Refer to Developer Guide for details about the integration.


It’s not a requirement for the games released on TapTap to integrate the Copyright Verification SDK. But without the SDK, you can only expect TapTap to stop the unpaid players from downloading your game from TapTap.

  • If a player downloads the APK of the game from somewhere else, they can still install and enter the game.
  • If a player purchased the game from TapTap and later on requested a refund, the player won’t be able to download the game anymore, but they can still enter the game they already installed on their device.

That’s why we highly recommend you to integrate the Copyright Verification SDK in your game, as it is the easiest way for you to prevent players from playing unauthorized copies of your game. If you choose not to use the SDK, you will have to implement the anti-piracy mechanism yourself.

At this moment, if you haven’t enabled Copyright Verification on the Developer Center, you won’t be able to access the Price Settings. This means that even you only need to launch a paid game without using the Copyright Verification SDK in your game, you still need to enable the Copyright Verification feature on the Developer Center. Once your application to enable the feature has been approved, you will be able to access the Price Settings.

How much share does TapTap take?

TapTap does not take a share of the revenue.

However, there will be a 5% payment processing fee in the Mainland China region. For other countries and regions, the fee will be determined upon communication (the fee includes third-party payment channel processing fees and tax costs).