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Developer Operations Manual

How can the game get more users in the new version of TapTap?

First of all, we can see that the new version of TapTap is very different, and most obviously, the new version of TapTap will distribute the content in large quantities on the home page. We have made this change because in our long-term operations, we have found that the community penetration of older products is very low, and a large amount of high-quality content is buried. If these high-quality contents can be placed on the home page, so that more players can understand the appeal of the game through these contents, it can further promote the download of the game. Eventually, more players learn about the game and download the game through the content of the home page, and more content is generated through playing the game. Finally, these high-quality contents are returned to the home page for distribution, so as to acquire more users for the game.

Therefore, as a developer, how to produce more game content and promote re-creation by players will greatly affect the amount of exposure the game gets in TapTap. That is why when developers can generate enough interesting content, games can be more exposed on the new version of TapTap and eventually get more new users.

How do you post content, such as “Articles” and “Videos”?

To create a post or video, go to TapTap and click on the “Article (Article)” or the “Video (Video)” button on the left side of the page to select the appropriate content format.

Once in the editor, upload the cover page, fill in the content, link the corresponding game (click the button at the bottom), and then click Post Content.

So how do I push this content to my users? How to push “Articles”?

Go to the Developer Center > Game Operations > Official Post Feed, enter the URL for the post, and the developer back end will push the article to all players who have followed the game before. In order to prevent users from being pushed too much, this feature is only supported once a week.

Once posted, players will receive a push for “Article” in the Notifications column.

What other tools can increase the exposure of my content? How do I refine an “Article”?

In addition to the push feature, we can use Developer Center > Game Operations > Select Post Management to place important articles in a prominent position on the game page.

Articles will eventually be displayed in a prominent position at the bottom of the product page - Featured Posts.

How should I operate for more exposure before and after going live?

Use self-produced content to promote exposure

First, publish more game-related content that can attract players. As long as the content is sufficiently appealing, the home page algorithm will give enough exposure to the content on the home page. Regarding content types, we can divide it into pre-decision and post-decision. Pre-decision content refers to game introductions, gameplay videos, FAQ, development logs, game interviews, peripheral stories, etc. It can fully show the charm of the game, so that players want to download the game more while reading these contents. This content is distributed on the home page, which can allow the game to get more downloads. Regarding post-decision content, it includes game strategy, update log, etc., which can improve the player’s experience in the game.


Host an event to promote game exposure

While holding long-term events to increase the activity of gamers, these activities will also have exposure on the home page, thereby promoting more new additions to the game. We recommend that manufacturers try to promote a gamer-led event because it also acts as a catalyst for increased exposure in the game.


Keep in touch with players and encourage gamer recreation behaviors to promote exposure

If a player creates secondary content and links your work, we should keep in touch with them in a timely manner. These recreations will also be visible on the home page, and if our vendors and these content producers can form a strong bond and promote a continual stream of players to create content for the game, they will become a great tool for game promotion.

Introduction to editing resources

Home page content recommendations

If you have high-quality gaming content, such as the latest version of new games, game-related interviews, and great game highlights. You can send emails to overseas editors through [email protected] to apply for referrals to pursue greater exposure on the home page and upcoming.

Remember to attach the link to the post and the reason for the request in the email. The editor will go through screening and put the selected premium content on the home page or upcoming for recommendation.

If there are major events related to the launch and update of the game, you can fill in sheet and submit the corresponding materials so that we can promote them. Please make sure to sync them to us by attaching it in the email about one week before the launch and update.

TapTap editors and content teams help manufacturers produce content together

TapTap editors will also work with developers to create more content for the game. This includes, but is not limited to, game review videos, development team interviews, etc. The TapTap team will also invite some partner KOLs to produce game content for high-quality games.

If your work has a lot of content worth sharing with players, you can send emails to overseas editors through [email protected] to communicate with us, and let us attract more users through the content together.

Promote through SNS

For some high-quality content, the TapTap team promotes content offsite through TapTap’s official media, Facebook, Twitter and other channels.





Case reference

If you still have questions about what form of content I should produce, here are some references.