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RTC Introduction

RTC is a one-stop voice chat solution that provides real-time voice chat and voice compliance services for a variety of game types such as FPS, MOBA, MMORPG, casual matchmaking, online table games, etc. All your voice chat needs can be met with one easy integration.

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration: RTC works with popular frameworks. With a simple integration, all your voice chat requirements can be met.
  • Low latency, high quality voice: RTC supports two-player or multi-player real-time audio call with low latency and high quality, which can perform well in weak network environment.
  • Compliance for English and Chinese content: RTC identifies all types of illegal content, intelligently identifying pornographic, violent, abusive, advertising, and other types of sensitive or unwanted information in real-time voice and audio files.
  • Global service availability: RTC comes with massive acceleration nodes deployed globally, covering major countries and regions around the world, enabling players to access nearby servers and providing real-time voice services with low latency and no lag.


Real-Time Voice Conversation

RTC allows up to 6 people to talk at the same time and transmits data with ultra-low latency. It is ideal for multiplayer team hacking and other competitive gaming scenarios. RTC also supports:

  • Blocking the voice of others in the room
  • Event callbacks for members who enter the room and speak, which the game can use to determine player status
  • Enabling/disabling loopback

Voice Compliance

RTC supports filtering of illegal content in English and Chinese. The game can report the voice to the compliance module in different slice lengths. If a violation is detected, the game will receive a callback, and the game can decide whether to kick the player out of the room, ban them, or take no action at all. Note: Currently, language compliance only supports Mandarin and a few dialects. Other languages will be supported in future versions.

3D Voice

3D Voice can convert the sound without orientation into the sound with orientation, which gives the player the feeling that the sound is coming from one place in the room, suitable for creating an immersive listening experience for battle royale, FPS, and other games.


3D Voice is still in beta. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions during the trial, please feel free to contact us via tickets.

Developer Center

The Developer Center provides you with the following basic features:

  • Enable and configure the RTC service
  • Remotely turn on/off the RTC
  • Query the number of active users, maximum number of simultaneous online users, player voice hours, and other real-time voice data
  • View real-time voice usage and billing details

Integrate the Service

Getting Ready

  1. Become a TapTap developer;

  2. Create a game in the TapTap Developer Center;

  3. Go to "Game Services"-"RTC" and enable the service;

  4. Configure the compliance service

    1. Set the voice slice length: A shorter slice length sacrifices some of the contextual semantics for a relatively fast callback speed. You can choose the slice length according to your actual scenario;
    2. Set the callback address: The callback address for receiving speech compliance recognition results;
  5. Download the TapSDK (minimum supported version is v3.5.0) and integrate it into the game package;

  6. Test the game package.