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Before You Start

Please complete the following setup process before you start using TapTap Developer Services (TDS).

Create an Application

Before integrating TDS into your game, please first create an application. See Store Guide for more details.

Turn On Game Services

Go to TapTap Developer Center > Your Game > Game Services > Configuration and tap “Turn on Now” to obtain the basic info of your app.

Basic Info

Client ID is the unique identifier for an app package in the TapTap Developer Center. TapTap uses the Client ID to identify applications. Since each app has only one Client ID, if you need to have a test server besides an official server for the same app, you must create two different apps and activate their configurations separately.

Applicable Region

The service is applicable for countries and regions outside of Mainland China.


To use TDS cloud services, you must set server_url with the API domain when initializing the SDK. You can obtain a shared domain provided by TDS by going to Developer Center > Your Game > Game Services > Configuration > Domain.

Privacy Policy

To integrate Account Services into your game, you must first agree to the TapTap Platform Developers Agreement. By using TDS, you agree to the above agreement. You will hereby bear the corresponding legal liabilities and obligations as per this agreement.